Last night’s episode of YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA was one of the best yet. Want to know why? Because Dr. Ron Ruden gave us scientific proof to explain what happens during and after trauma, and why it affects us the way it does. Whew, proof that all those years I acted crazy I wasn’t really, er, crazy!

Examples of what Dr. Ruden and I covered:

  • How we can alter the brain by introducing sensory input
  • How we know for certain that the brain can change
  • How trauma embeds in the brain
  • 4 criteria of trauma
  • Havening as a process to relieve feeling of inescapability
  • How trauma affects personality
  • What is havening, how it works, why it works, what are the implications?
  • Real life example
  • Where all trauma is based
  • How powerful the brain is in moderating body function

I love finding professionals who believe in the power we have to transform the past. Dr. Ruden is one of those people.

For the last 30 years Dr. Ronald Ruden, M.D., Ph.D. has studied the relationship between the brain and behavior. His first book, The Craving Brain, offered a biological explanation for addictive behavior and suggested new approaches for its treatment. His most recent book, When the Past is Always Present looks into the complex world of emotional traumatization, including PTSD. This book outlines for the first time a neurobiological model that explains how trauma is encoded in the brain and how by using simple touch, it can be erased. Relying on current research, Dr. Ruden shows how we can harness the power of neuroplasticity to achieve remarkable results. This approach will forever change the treatment of trauma.