What I really love about building a post-trauma community is how much we can all learn from each other. In last night’s episode of YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA, I interviewed two proactive women who have moved themselves through trauma to a place of meaningful relationships. Their ideas, thoughts and suggestions were enormously inspirational.

First, I interviewed survivor and author Lynn Tolson, who outlined her movement from symptoms of PTSD, through diagnosis to enlightened empowerment — all while having her husband stand by and support her. It was a terrific story of how she found her own authentic self, developed her identity, minimized and eradicated symptoms, gathered her courage and brought about deep and long-lasting change.

Second, survivor and EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist Stacey Cox joined me to discuss her evolution from a traumatic and abusive childhood home through panic attacks and low self-esteem to building back an identity empowered by the idea that you “don’t let your past dictate your future.” Stacey used forgiveness and her survival instincts to help move herself forward.

Both guests offered practical tips for how to relate to yourself, your loved ones, and how to work toward healing at the same time.Now, doesn’t that sound inspiring?

About my guests:

Lynn Tolson: For nearly twenty years, I engaged in careers in retail, real estate and property management. Every working day left me feeling unfulfilled, as if I was living a false life. My real life began not by changing jobs, but by putting pen to paper in journal writing sessions. Themes emerged regarding the impact of my sexual abuse, drug addiction, and suicide attempts. By using the journal to write about the problems and solutions discussed in my counseling sessions, a story of transformation evolved. My desire to share a message of healing from trauma became too strong to ignore; the book became a mission. I left the corporate environment to write my story about personal yet universal emotional issues, Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor’s Story. Although journal writing was a cathartic experience, the book was written with the courage to face my fears, with compassion for myself and others, and a conviction to tell the truth. To read more visit: http://beyondthetears.blogspot.com/.

Stacey Cox is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Coach and Practitioner, Motivational Speaker and Author in the Chicago area, as well as owner of Lifetimesuccess 4 U. Specializing in abuse issues for Women and Children. Ms. Cox is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault. Using her education and life experience she has strived to educate and empower. Because she feels our children are our future she has expanded her practice to work with learning enhancement and test anxiety. Ms. Cox offers motivational speaking, workshops, seminars and works with client’s face to face or on skype in her practice. http://www.lifetimesuccess4u.com