Practical Tips For How To Find A Good Therapist

You know when you talk to a therapist who is just so down to earth, genuine, compassionate, empathetic and knowledgeable that you feel you could open your soul and heal your wounds? My guest this week was that kind of guy!

If you haven’t experienced the kind of therapist who makes you feel safe enough to do the trauma recovery work, don’t worry: it’s possible to find that person. That’s what this week’s show addressed with my guest, CEO and founder of, Noah Rubinstein. Together Noah and I covered:

1 – how to find a good therapist
2 – what are the most important qualities to look for in a therapist
3 – how to interview a therapist
4 – how to assess your therapeutic connection and know you’re working with the right person
5 – what to do when you feel you’re working with the wrong person

Noah also shared his personal experience with therapy and how his work as a therapist shaped and evolved his ideas about what to expect in therapy. Plus, BIG BONUS: Noah shared insights about just what, exactly, the therapy process is.

There was so much good stuff in this interview you will be able to begin reassessing how you choose your practitioner, including how you interview to see if you’re a good fit.


Noah Rubinstein
 has worked with individuals, couples, and families for the last 20+ years in various social service, counseling, and consultation roles within different communities, including mental health clinics, residential treatment centers, emergency shelters, hospice organizations, home-based therapy programs, summer camps, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and in private practice. Noah strives to expand the visibility and reach of in an effort counter the tendency within the mental health field to view people as deficient & fundamentally flawed. The mission and vision of and Noah’s efforts have been featured extensively in the media, through numerous radio and television interviews and in print.

In addition to his passion for self-discovery and healing childhood wounds, Noah is really a kid at heart whose favorite place in the world is being with his family in the outdoors, hiking, biking, and wrestling with his two young boys, Kobe and Niko.


  1. Very good article! It’s so hard to find a therapist you can feel confident with; these are great guidelines to help someone who is searching. I recently read another article that had a lot of interesting information about finding an ideal therapist, I would highly recommend it!

    • @Emma — I’m so glad these ideas resonated with you! You’re so right: it’s very challenging to find the right person to work with. Thanks for sharing the link. The more knowledge everyone has the more possible it is to find the path to healing. Onward!

  2. Thanks Michele and Noah for this interview. While I enjoyed it, it felt like its full potential wasn’t reached. I thought we were going to get a list of questions to interview a potential therapist with. I hope that you consider inviting Noah back as you suggest to cover this important topic (choosing the right therapist) in more depth. I”m asking bc in my 6.5years of PTSD, I’ve still got it, and I’m basically resigned to “healing myself’ at this point bc the therapists I place my trust in and allow myself to be vulnerable with seem to have no idea how to actually … assist. And of course, in their confusion, make matters worse. So I sack them…and hire myself once again. Problem is: I”m not a trained trauma therapist! So I’d really like some help. Feels like I must need to learn how to select a therapist who will assist me, not harm me. Track record so far not so great!


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