Nutrition and Post-Trauma Recovery

terry wahls Nutrition and Post-Trauma RecoveryI’m always looking for ways to improve mood, strengthen mental functioning and invigorate the body. All of these elements are necessary for having a healthy post-trauma recovery. I’m now doing the Wahls Diet and the results, frankly, have taken me by surprise: I’m filled with enormous energy, my thought processes are even clearer and I feel enormously healthy. I can only imagine what this sort of simple dietary change can do for bodies and minds that are in the process of recovering from shock. I’m excited to share Dr. Wahls’ personal post-trauma recovery and the situation that lead her to discover and design the Wahls diet.

Tonight, ‘Your Life After Trauma’  featured Terry Wahls, M.D., creator of the Wahls diet & PTSD survivor Lizzie Hughey, who shared her post-trauma recovery triumph, plus how she’s using her journey to give back.

Click here to learn more about Terry Wahls, M.D. and Lizzie Hughey.

Click here to listen to the interview between Michele Rosenthal, Terry Wahls, M.D., and Lizzie Hughey

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