When I was preparing for this week’s show I came across these astonishing statistics about childhood sexual abuse. You’ll hear them at the beginning of the episode. You may already know them and if so, I invite you to share them with others who don’t. Education is a key element to interrupting the cycle of abuse in our families, societies and cultures.

If you’re struggling with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, or you know someone who is, this week’s show was geared toward discussing the impact of childhood sexual abuse, plus the possibility overcoming it. My guest, Rena Romano, is a survivor who has shared her story nationally on Oprah and other media outlets. She told her story and how she recovered, including:

  • how trauma impacted her
  • how she finally got on the path to healing
  • six tips for ways that you can move yourself forward (they’re not counted out so listen well!)
  • the #1 breakthrough that transformed her life

In addition to Rena’s moving testimony, Dr. Marcia Nickow joined me for the Professional Perspective interview to shed light on the question: Is forgiveness necessary to heal?


rena-romanoRena Romano is a presentation skills instructor, author and professional speaker from SW Florida. She has over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience and public  speaking. She joined Toastmasters in 2007 to continue her growth as a keynote speaker to share her story of triumph over her childhood adversities. Continuing her training as a public speaker she found her purpose as a trainer/teacher and in 2011 received her credentials as a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

Rena was four years old when her nightmare began; for nearly two decades she was sexually abused, bullied and terrorized by a monstrous relative, eleven years her senior.

Years after the abuse stopped, Rena was stuck in a world of shame and self-abuse. It took fifty years after she was first violated, even after counseling, before she had a  miraculous breakthrough and was finally able to say no more. Rena’s book “His Puppet No More!” is the courageous true story of how she triumphed over the years of horrendous victimization and control of her abusers.

Now empowered to share her unspeakable secrets, it is Rena’s greatest desire to give other victims the courage to seek help, realize their self-worth and live their own extraordinary life.