Last night on YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA I learned so much about how couples support each other after trauma, plus how you can use a simple 6-step process to be make successful commitments. Really good, proactive ideas — and a few discoveries I didn’t expect!

healing together couples guideMy first guests are the authors of HEALING TOGETHER: A Couples Guide To Coping with Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress. Dr. Suzanne Phillips and Dianne Kane gave a terrific example of a couple who successfully navigated the post-trauma recovery process in the wake of 9/11. They also covered:

  • how to make meaning after trauma
  • psychological first aid
  • how partners positively impact resiliency
  • how partners can be a great source of learning

Lightbulb moment for me: I realized that even without a relationship, we as survivors can partner with ourselves to apply all of these tips on our own. Now that’s a powerful process to learn!

Later in the show executive coach, Mike Blackstone, revealed a simple and effective way to make commitments that stick. It’s that time of year when we all consider new years resolutions. Mike’s tips take an overwhelming task and get it going through six easy steps of The Butterfly Code:

  1. Say your goal OUT LOUD
  2. Formulate one thing you can do toward your goal in the next 24 hours
  3. Acknowledge your fears
  4. Achieve strategic surrender
  5. Open up to possibilities
  6. Look for random clues that support success

My conversation with Mike gave several examples of how to apply the six steps to your own commitment process. The really special part of this: it should all be done before bed so that your subconscious mind can strengthen your commitment while you sleep!

You can find further info about Dr. Suzanne Phillips, Dianne Kane and Mike Blackstone here. You can also post questions for them on the all new YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA Facebook fanpage.