What healing looks like from the inside….

Before the World Intruded by Michele Rosenthal

This story illustrates how possible it is for you to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress by putting together a personalized recovery process that uniquely calibrates to your individual healing journey. 

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Creating your post-trauma identity…

YLAT cover

This book reveals a step-by-step process for creating a post-trauma identity so that you release the past and move into the present (and then on into the future) with an increased sense of courage, confidence and control.

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Reclaiming control over your recovery…

Heal Your PTSD by Michele Rosenthal offers easy, step-by-step coping techniques for healing posttraumatic stress disorder.

Covering the most important aspects of PTSD recovery this book of healing thoughts offers easy-to-implement, manageable, and comfortable ideas and exercises to help you create more safety, definition, and direction in healing.

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